inside outside: summer villa from aarhus, denmark

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interior / lifestyle / scandinavian design / weekend house

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_concrete floor
all images via | photo: morten holtum

love the concept of a fluid transition between inside and outside… especially when your surrounding is this gorgeous! what a luxurious thing if we could let the door & windows open all summer! the breeze, the sunshine… the joy of summer.

there is definitely a ‘i can move in here’ moment. i couldn’t  find anything i don’t like in this house. from living room to kitchen to bathroom and bedroom… everything seems so impossibly beautiful and convincingly functional.

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_bookshelf

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_living room

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_kitchen

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_dining table

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_dining table_2

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_bathroom_2

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_bathroom

scandinavian summer house_aarhus_exterior
all images via | photo: morten holtum

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