i can move in here (4)

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interior / scandinavian design

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment
all images via stadshem.se

this beautiful apartment from gothenburg, sweden, reminds me i haven’t been fantasying to move in somewhere else for a while. ( my last ‘i can move in here’ post was back in january) with the official summer will be kicked off in three weeks, it’s time to bring back the day-dreaming tradition!

✚ living room

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_moroccan leather pouf

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_ceiling detail

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_living room_book shelf

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_yellow door

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_to balcony

✚ bedroom

the all white setting with original building detail (ceiling trim), the muuto dots, black eames side chairharness leather hanging rail, black wood floor… sweet dream.

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_bedroom door

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_bedroom

✚ kitchen

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_kitchen

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_kitchen_open shelf

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_dining room_credenza

✚ kids room (… and totoro spotted!! )

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_kidsroom

gray_tan leather_scandinavian_apartment_hallway
all images via stadshem.se

gorgeous inspiration to start a new week!

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