gray, white, plus tan leather

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scandinavian home_gray_neutral_interior green bike rack
all images via

the neutral-theme inspired interior style adds a little bit (but not too much) of warmth to this white scandinavian home. my favorite corners? the study desk in the bedroom and living room with big big window.

ready for the tour?

✚ living room: it seems every single items here are just so perfect… cyclic bike storage (green) | moroccan black leather pouf | triangle rug | tan leather chair with rollers | stripes pillows |  DOT cushion | hairpin legs white coffee table | simple roller blind | faceted white vase

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_living room

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_coffee table

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_dining table

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_dining room_poster

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_white couch_stripes pillow
✚ bedroom with study desk

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_bedroom nook

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_bed room office

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_silver desk globe_HAY paper box

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_bedroom
✚ wood tray for bathroom items

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_bathroom_tooth brush wood tray

✚ view from hallway

scandinavian home_gray_neutral_hallway
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