spring style : keep it simple

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all images via alvhemmakleri.se

a spacious apartment for sale from the beautiful city göteborg, sweden.

as the season is transitioning to spring, the best way to freshen up your house is purge all these mysterious things in the forgotten corners.

we’ve been working on our basement – basically donating lots of stuffs – in the past few weeks. some items we aren’t even sure where they come from the first place ( hint: anything you’ve agreed to take from your parents’ house solely out of guilt )

the world is complicated enough, let’s keep our life simple.

✚ kitchen towel (left) by fermliving. we have ours from our favorite store HOME in east passyunk, philadelphia (if you’re local and haven’t check it out… you should!)




✚ champagne corks! this reminds me it’s time to get organized of our corks…

spring_minimalist_scandinavian_kitchen_5_cork collection

spring_minimalist_scandinavian_gray_pillow_reading lamp

spring_minimalist_scandinavian_living room

spring_minimalist_scandinavian_living room_2

✚  the image actually gets me quiet jealous. you won’t believe how not-so-easy to have a clean kick board detail like this in philadelphia…

spring_minimalist_scandinavian_kick board_wood floor


spring_minimalist_scandinavian_bedroom_bed side lamp

spring_minimalist_scandinavian_bedroom_wire basket
all images via alvhemmakleri.se

you can check out the rest of interior here.

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