some latest from herriott grace

copper plate_handmade in japan
all images courtesy of

shown in above image is the hand-hammered copper plate by ryohei yoshiyuki & yuji okazaki.

here are some new collection in herriott grace’s shop that i would like to bring home. simply beautiful.

✚ stoneware + porcelain creamer by sue paraskeva, made in england.

side note: the matcha castella looks so good in the photo!!

stoneware + porcelain creamer_herriott grace

✚ pommery mustard with cognac in black ceramic jar and gold wax, made in france

pommery mustard with cognac_black ceramic jar_gold wax

✚ hand-carved wood coffee scoop by herriott grace

hand carved coffee scoop

✚ porcelain dish made by atelier make for herriott grace

white porcelain dish_herriott grace
all images courtesy of

more collection in herriott grace’s online shop.

some latest from herriott grace

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