harness leather belts hanging rail

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brass rod with harness leather belts_kitchen rack all images via alvhemmakleri.se

using the rod suspends from harness leather belts mounted to the ceiling as clothing rack has been a very popular DIY item since fermliving released their brilliant design… yet i haven’t seen the example to use the application in kitchen, which as you see here, the result is surprisingly practical – and it makes a stylish upgrade to the space.

here are couple other lovely details in this apartment for sale in göteborg, sweden.

✚ white cabinets with recessed handle keeps the look minimal. then i noticed there is no refrigerator in this space which could also explain why it looks so spacious…

scandinavian_kitchen_wood dining table

concrete counter top

✚ fancy concrete countertop with smeg induction cooktop

smeg induction oven top_concrete counter top✚ ceiling to floor wood shelving with cable makes a beautiful display at the hallway area. here i am curious why the bottom wood shelve isn’t painted in pastel pink as rest of the three? possibly to keep it as part of the floor and minimize the volume of shelving system? it is a subtle but very interesting approach.

brass rod with leather belts_kitchen rack_hallway string selving

string shelving_hallway

✚ use the leather straps for clothing rack in the bedroom…

wood cloth rack with harness leather belts_bedroom

wood clothing rack with harness leather belts_bedroom_2✚ … or in the hallway!

leather straps_hallway coat rackall images via alvhemmakleri.se

are you ready to have your own leather-inspired hanging rack?

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