the world is your oyster

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nordic apartment_the world is your oyster poster_vintage sweing machineall images via

i’ve been running into rifle paper co.‘s work so often these days – largely because i shop cards at paper source store ( which is only couple blocks away from where i work… a total convenience ), also i spotted their posters in many scandinavian real estate interior styling. no doubt they are one of these names you need to know by now!

here i spotted their poster “the world is your oyster” in a apartment for sale in göteborg, sweden.

nordic apartment_pia wallen blanket_black wire mesh chair

nordic apartment_wall mount neon light_pia wallen blanket✚ with limited space, the interior styling here is focus on ‘wire’ theme furniture that can maximize the openness and minimize visual barrier. Ikea’s simple mulig clothes rack in black is perfect in this all-in-one room. swedish interior stylist annaleena has similar minimal clothing rack design in her online shop that could work nicely as well.

nordic apartment_minimal black pipe coat rack

nordic apartment_pia wallen blanket_single bedall images via

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