le chemin qui marche lookout by IBI group

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landscape architecture

Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout_montreal_wood bench_railwayall images via domus.it | photo: Alexis Nollet

like the highline in new york, le chemin-qui-marche ( translate: ‘path that walks‘ ) lookout is a express of its industrial past and a representation of the history on site. with the reurbanization next to the project site, this elevated boardwalk ( think of green roof installed over existing concrete slab ) not only offers stunning panoramic views to the river, it reintroduces the sustainable practice ( native plants that require minimal or no irrigation; locally sources matierials ) and creates a flexible meeting place for people to rest, stroll, and re-discover the history of montreal.

my favorite part is its minimal design with essential elements that makes this lookout as part of the city grid extension and also becomes a destination.

three key landscape elements: the river and its piers, the former railways lines, and the historic city in development.

✚ river & the piers: the arrangement of the seating and lookout maximize the views to the river

Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout_montreal_wood boardwalkphoto: Alexis Nollet

✚ former railways lines

Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout_montreal_site plansite plan: IBI GROUP

✚ history: wooden benches are etched with historical event in the history of montreal from 1535 to the present. they are an visual archive of the industrial heritage and old montreal, as well as a contemplation to the new urban landscape.

Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout_montreal_wood benchphoto: Alexis Nollet

Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout_montreal_wood bench_snowphoto: Isabelle Giasson

Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout_montreal_wood bench_2photo: Alexandre Guilbeault

read more project information on domus.it, IBI GROUP’s website, and world landscape architect.

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