sunday mix : spring

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sundaymix_3_kaico-coffee-pot_raisin-breadregardless the enter of summer daylight saving ( one hour shift makes a magical impact on our daily life ), we won’t put away our winter hats & coats until a pleasant, generous temperature that can last more than two days in a row.

this is the first time since i moved to philadelphia back in 2002, that i am really, really enough with the winter and cannot wait for the spring and summer to come! here are couple things that help me virtually feel the presence of spring.

✚ light weight and minimal… including this super cute raindrop shape leather coaster by woodlark.


a & c: woodlark | d & e : | b & f : by boe 

paris is always a good idea by anki | zilverblauw

Parisisalwaysagoodidea✚ FREE printable watercolor ombre bookmarks by molly | almost makes perfect

free-printable-watercolor-bookmark_ALMOST MAKE

printable-watercolor-bookmarks_almost makes perfectimages via almost makes perfect

✚ portobello, swiss chard, and goat cheese with walnut pesto | recipe here via metropolitan bakery

portobello swiss chard goat cheese walnut pesto sandwichphoto by metropolitan bakery

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