sunday mix : craftsmanship

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home goods / lifestyle


things i miss the most about tokyo is the access to so many incredible, high crafted home goods. you can walk into a department stores or lifestyle shops (zakka) and easily find many good design that you want to bring home. i am glad that i made my choice quickly and brought some of them home – including the azmaya chopstick rest : the design is modern, minimal, with high artisen quality.  ( and i am still thinking about this amazing brass handle butter knife with wooden case )

today’s mix is about craftsmanship, including a good cup of cappuccino.

sundaymix_2_wooden-mushroom-spice-shaker✚ i spotted these really cute wooden mushroom toothpick container & spice shaker in one of the LOFT stores… kind of regret i didn’t make the purchase because so far i still like the design the best!!  since i couldn’t find them here in US, i found similar concept from swedish design studio house of rym and they are available on huset’s webshop… a good alternative.

house of RYM_salt shaker

house of RYM_mushroom shakers_tall_smallimages via

✚ how cool is this hammered copper mug! i didn’t know this is something that specific – the official name is “moscow mule copper mug”. i checked couple US webshops including umami mart and are all sold out…. i should have brought some back to here!!

sundaymix_2_copper-mugs✚ tote bag by 10 swedish designers | tiogruppen… founded in 70s the studio is known for the use of textile in bold and bright graphic pattern. in the same store they also have products like pencil box or notebook. they’ve been collaborating with manufactures such as IKEA, uniqlo, or japanese stationary manufacture trystrams ( some beautiful notebook covers! ).

sundaymix_2_10-swedish-designers_tote-bag✚ house industries flour sack towel in FOUND muji aoyama store. it was a lovely surprise to see their work at the store, so proud of them!! there are also small objects like stickers and pins available in the store designed by house industries.

sundaymix_2_house-industries-flour-sack-towel_muji-FOUND-aoyama✚ i actually don’t even remember the coffee shop’s name – it is a very invisible, easy to miss coffee shop since it is located on the second floor in the super hustle-bustle shinjuku, with a tiny staircase leading up. it was the last night of the business trip and i felt super sleepy since 2pm… this well presented cappuccino foam art didn’t really keep me awake but made me smile.


that’s about it for today’s mix. stay tuned for the next sunday mix!

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