earthy scandinavian pad

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interior / scandinavian design

fantasticfrank.se_scandinavian earthy kitchen_2 all images via

a small ( 33.3 M²) but very characteristic studio apartment from stockholm by fantastic frank.

the dreamy bed – on top of storage space, surrounded by veil curtain – is a bit questionable but for a conceptual layout, why not?

✚ the configuration of simple wood slab with rustic pipe and couple more benches double this dining table area as perfect home office as well.

fantasticfrank.se_scandinavian earthy kitchen_1

fantasticfrank.se_scandinavian earthy kitchen_3

fantasticfrank.se_scandinavian earthy kitchen_living room_1

fantasticfrank.se_scandinavian earthy kitchen_living room_2

fantasticfrank.se_scandinavian earthy kitchen_day dream bedall images via

side note: i was trying to figure out who did the graphic poster in the above image. but DO NOT attempt to google search with key words like “ski masker bunny ear balloon”… the result images are awful and horrible… and scary. and i still don’t know who made the poster.

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