place de la république by TVK

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architecture / landscape architecture

place de la Republique_paris_usage diagram

[image © TVK architectes urbanistes]

while browsing JML (water feature design)’s portfolio for the precedent images at work, i realized they’re also the consultant behind the beautiful reflecting pool design at the recent renovated place de la république in paris. and that reminds me i still have this draft in the queue… so, monday, today is the day to share.

led by architects TVK, the big decision is to eliminate the traffic circle and bring back a two hectare size of flexible open space that can accommodate different groups, varied size of activities, from day to night, all year round. the super awesome diagram shown above is the illustration of usage. wouldn’t it be a great poster?

here is the project description from the architects:

” TVK – Pierre Alain Trévelo and Antoine Viger-Kohler – hand over the redevelopment of the Place de la République, inaugurated by Bertrand Delanoe on Sunday 16 June 2013.

Due to its exceptional size (120m by nearly 300m), its symbolic dimension as a representative public statement and its location in the city, the Place de la République occupies a special place in the international hub that is Paris. ”

ces_lieux_favoris_des_parisiens_selon_l_etude_qualitative_d_happycurioux[image courtesy of TVK architectes urbanistes]

“The redevelopment of the Place de la République is based on the concept of an open space with multiple urban uses. The elimination of the traffic circle frees the site from the dominating constraint of motor vehicle traffic. The creation of the concourse marks the return of calm in an airy, uncluttered two hectare space. The new square, now skirted by motor traffic, creates a large-scale landscape and becomes an urban resource, available and adaptable for different uses.

place de la Republique paris

place de la Republique_paris_plaza[image courtesy of TVK architectes urbanistes | © Clément Guillaume]

Clear connections with the large boulevards promote a new balance centred on soft transport for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. The statue of Marianne, the reflective pool, the pavilion and the rows of the trees form a strong axis. This harmony is amplified by the serene balance of the mineral element and a very gentle slope of 1%. All these elements contribute to both the interpretation of unitary materials in a perennial and contemporary manner and multiple explorations (colours, water, lights) creating different urban ambiances.”

place de la Republique_paris_relfecting pool[image courtesy of TVK architectes urbanistes | © Clément Guillaume]

place de la Republique_paris_mist water feature[image courtesy of TVK architectes urbanistes | © Clément Guillaume]

” The Place de la République is now a new centre of attraction, a place for exchanges and meetings. Two terraces incorporated into the continuity of the square encourage people to sit down and relax.
The south-west part of the square houses a 162 m² pavilion also designed by TVK, a unique building, glazed throughout to retain a continuous impression of this singular space.

The Place de la République is now the largest pedestrian square in Paris. ”

TVK_REP_axono-130524+rues-e1371570189539[image courtesy of TVK architectes urbanistes]

and that is the fun part to work on projects in urban context: challenges become your opportunity. in this case since the project is sitting on structure deck (with underground subway system underneath), as simple as the design may look, the team have made the best choice, aesthetically, out of the constraints. each design component has its rational and functional reason thus nothing is left as a afterthought.

congratulations to the project team, and my best public open space presence is found!

+ for more project information & images check out dezeen or of course, TVK’s website.

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