very nordic

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interior / scandinavian design

nordic_recycled factory window[all images courtesy of ]

concrete floor coated with epoxy; recycled factory window as room divider; a dining table made from recycled beam stained in black; exposed brick wall… the perfect amount of rusty, and of course, white white walls.

what else can be described more nordic than this lovely home?

+ these wall-mounted light fixtures in the kitchen were to be demolished in a brickwork factory. not only they found a new home- they look really nice in the setting!

nordic_brick wall_&tradition wood stool


+ besides the dinning table, owner’s husband also built this floor to ceiling bookshelf. the white patines MDF can never look this gorgeous…!

the milk lamp is also spotted here.

nordic_book shelf_painted MDF


+ beautiful handol wood burning stove… with beautiful brick wall.

nordic_handsl fire stove

nordic_raw materials_concrete floor+ felt wall panels by MENU


nordic_felt wall display_menu+ the painting here is by danish artist julie von lotzbeck


nordic_julie von lotzbeck_kasper ronn[all images courtesy of ]

check out the rest of the home here via

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