bird in the house

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interior / scandinavian design / vintage modern

scandinavian_white and wood hall way [all images courtesy of ]

i’ve been seeing peacock in the kitchen and now here is a big bird (what kind?) really to take off in the hallway. somehow i am okay with the antler for home but birds…. hmm.

a lovely apartment for sale in stockholm. besides the essential scandinavian elements such as white interior, light wood floor and natural wood materials, i like the bundled pendant light & concrete floor spotted in the kitchen that contributes a bit of modern taste to the space.

some of my favorite corners:

+ minimal kitchen layout: no handles, cabinets are built full height to the ceiling (so there is no weird space between top of cabinets and ceiling).

scandinavian_white and wood kitchen concrete floor

scandinavian_white and wood kitchen

scandinavian_white and wood living room

scandinavian_white and wood fire place

scandinavian_white and wood bed room_antlers

scandinavian_white and wood bedroom[all images courtesy of ]

you can read the rest of the interior here.

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