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interior / scandinavian design

light wood floor white_wood counter top_kitchen_scandinavian_2[all images courtesy of]

unfortunately our current house structure doesn’t allow us to have the kitchen open up to the living room. i am so jealous to see this type of layout where you can prepare the food AND seeing what’s going on outside the kitchen…

couple more photos from a spacious apartment for sale in Göteborg, Sweden.

+ from the practical point of view, open shelf with cabinets is the way to go. you can have these daily go-to on the shelf, and store the rest in the cabinet to keep it tidy. i also love the thick wood counter top… fancy.

open shelf_ white_wood counter top_kitchen_scandinavian

light wood floor white_wood counter top_kitchen_scandinavian_1

light wood floor white_wood counter top_open kitchen_scandinavian

light wood floor_scandinavian interior

white living room_grey rug_scandinavian

+ since the apartment is on the top floor, that odd shape created from the roof structure becomes a interesting character in the space. these painted exposed brick wall around the window add a subtle richness of materials in a all plain white interior.

white loft scandinavian bed room

white window silt_display

mirror closet door_scandinavian_exposed brick wall_bedroom

white_ entrance hallway_kitchen_scandinavian[all images courtesy of]

you can view the rest of the interior here.

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