i can move in here (3)

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interior / scandinavian design

fantasticfrank_gray couch_white kitchen_light wood floor

[all images courtesy of fantastic frank.se]

a beautiful apartment in stockholm by fantastic frank. the light wood floor and simple white kitchen with marble countertop and mirror backsplash (!)… yes, i can move in here, even just the kitchen!

of course other rooms have same irresistible stylish vibe as well. let’s take a look.

+ little splash of orange eames chairs

fantasticfrank_wood dining table_orange eames chair

fantasticfrank_wood dining table_orange eames chair_light wood floor

+ marble countertop with mirror backsplash. i’ve never thought about having mirror as backsplash, yet it might be a good solution to make your kitchen area seem bigger. what do you think?

and look at these gorgeous minimal cabinet pulls !! i’ve been eyeing on the recessed finger pulls kitchen cabinet/doors yet after the endless research it seems most of the integrated types ( instead of install recessed metal hardwares) are custom-made. the one in the picture below is just PERFECT. but can i have it here in US, off-the shelf, and in affordable cost ?

fantasticfrank_marble countertop_mirror backsplash

+ bed room

fantasticfrank_white bedroom_wall collage

fantasticfrank_white bed room poster collage

+ guest room

fantasticfrank_white guest bedroom_home office_light wood floor

fantastic frank_home office desk_wire mesh chair

[all images courtesy of fantastic frank.se]

have a fantastic monday!

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