this is awesome : lighting by atelier areti

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atelier areti_vertical-1 

[all images courtesy of atelier areti ]

london-based design studio atelier areti were founded by sisters gwendolyn and guillane Kerschbaumer in 2008. with master craftsmen and manufactures in germany and sweden, their design consists of modern language and a highly craftsmanship detail & quality.

these  are my favorite two lighting design by atelier areti:

+ vertical

handmade in germany. the finish comes in black or white.

atelier areti_vertical-2

atelier areti_vertical-4

atelier areti_vertical-3

+ mimosa

handmade in germany. LED lights.

atelier areti_mimosa pendant-1

atelier areti_mimosa pendant-2

atelier areti_mimosa pendant-3

[all images courtesy of atelier areti ]

since these lights are made to order, it takes 11-12 weeks for delivery. ( good news: you can buy these lamps from online store nest. they ship worldwide! )

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