dream project: danish national maritime museum by BIG

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architecture / scandinavian design

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG_dusk

[all images courtesy of BIG.dk]

it’s opened now! this has been one of my favorite projects by BIG and i am so excited to see its completion!! the images of realized museum are just as good as they looked in the renderings!

and yes, the new&old (transforming a old concrete dry dock into a modern museum), the simple  material palette (concrete, steel, glass), and the modern design language (minimal)… all have made this project onto my dream project list.

+ the competition rendering

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG_rendering_1

+ the ship bollards-inspired dashes-dots street furniture is designed by kibisibjarke ingels is also the co-founder), which not only serve as barrier to protect pedestrian from the adjacent traffic, they are also benches that reassemble morse code. i am curious what it said!

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG

….. A series of three double-level bridges span the dry dock, serving both as an urban connection, as well as providing visitors with short-cuts to different sections of the museum. The harbour bridge closes off the dock while serving as harbour promenade; the museum’s auditorium serves as a bridge connecting the adjacent Culture Yard with the Kronborg Castle; and the sloping zig-zag bridge navigates visitors to the main entrance. This bridge unites the old and new as the visitors descend into the museum space overlooking the majestic surroundings above and below ground. The long and noble history of the Danish Maritime unfolds in a continuous motion within and around the dock, 7 metres (23 ft.) below the ground. All floors – connecting exhibition spaces with the auditorium, classroom, offices, café and the dock floor within the museum – slope gently creating exciting and sculptural spaces. ” – via dezeen

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG_interior

+ the interior is designed by amsterdam-based exhibition architects kossmann.dejong (they do awesome exhibition design, check them out! ). love these floor information on floor… and the chain!

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG_interior)2

+ lighting in dusk

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG_night_3

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG_night_4

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG_night._2

+ with the UNESCO world heritage Kronborg Castle in the background…

Danish National Maritime Museum_ Helsingør_BIG_night

[all images courtesy of BIG.dk]

as beautiful as it looks, a very close collaboration with archeologists, structure engineers and basically the whole design team – from exterior to interior – is what makes this project came together so precise and elegant. the idea of keeping the dry dock open is brilliant, and after seeing many projects proposed by BIG that are rather rising up than stay low-profile, the danish national maritime museum is a successful case to show how designers can turn the constraints into unique contextual characters.

+ more information and images on BIG’s website here

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