dreaming big

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interior / scandinavian design

malmo_sweden_dream house_concrete floor_5
[all images courtesy of bo-laget.se]

let’s dream big today.

a gorgeous house for sale in malmö, sweden. the spacious, high-ceiling interior is no doubt super luxurious… and the beautiful concrete floor is totally stealing my heart the scene.

+ might not be very noticeable in the image below, the gravel-paving detail is quite nice. and yes, the concrete floor…

malmo_sweden_dream house_concrete floor_6

malmo_sweden_dream house_concrete floor_1

malmo_sweden_dream house_concrete floor_loft

+ the grey poster g by playtype

malmo_sweden_dream house_concrete floor_4

+ bronze cooper shade by tom dixon

malmo_sweden_dream house_concrete floor_3

+ not sure if i would put sean connery’s portrait in my bedroom… but these grey white black pillows (HAY pillows with two dots) with the black bed frame/headboard is a nice combination… and yes, the concrete floor.

malmo_sweden_dream house_concrete floor_bedroom

malmo_sweden_dream house_concrete floor_2

+ black tiles on the upper floor

malmo_sweden_dream house_tile floor_7

[all images courtesy of bo-laget.se]

check out the rest of house here – they have green roofs !

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