roof terrace on kitte maru-no-uchi

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landscape architecture / lifestyle


incorporated parts of the 1933 tokyo central post office building, kitte, right across the recent face-lifted tokyo station, has transformed into a place where stores and restaurants are all with a focus on japanese aesthetics and cuisine.


besides the claska design store, nakagawa masashichi shoten(中川政七商店) , muji to-go, and many other lifestyle stores… the terrace on 6th floor is a hidden gem that you should check out as well. here you can have a quite amazing view (if high-rise buildings is something not very typical cityscape to you). yet to me the design of the terrace is the main reason of visit.

working in a design/construction field, these well constructed lawn panels, LED railing/curb edging and wood boardwalk are more impressive than the view to skyscrapers.

+ luckily the rain stopped right before we came back to tokyo. yet it actually helped to capture the atmosphere of night view.


+ i looove these perfectly constructed lawn panel, obsessed !! they remind me the high line in new york city – only the difference is you cannot(should not) step into the lawn area. it’s for viewing only. which, is pretty common in japan, and taiwan, and maybe other asian countries too. ( in fact that solves the common problem of maintaining a healthy-grown lawn without tramped spot… )




+ LED under curb edging is nothing new but of course japanese knows how to build it right… such a neat detail.


i am looking forward to visit the terrace garden again soon this november, during day time!

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