po-le-po-le wooden toys

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from my recent trip to japan i found these suuuuper cute wooden toys in a design store moda en casa located in omotesando hills, tokyo. these solid wood animals are hand crafted one by one individually, very detailed design from eyes to toes (amazing!)… and they are very light weight.

named “pole pole animals”, “polepole (ぽれぽれ)” in swahili means “slowly”. designers leave the wood in natural state, sanding carefully, keep the design minimal yet heartwarming.


+ so this was what i spotted in the store… and after sorting through the basket i found the bear and baby seal!! (my next choices are the sheep,rabbit, monkey, and lama…)


+ the rear view of the bear


+ the rear view of the baby seal


+ more views… (the detail is just incredible)



awww… they make me smile. and every time i look at them i feel the time around me is slowing down…

besides poletoko‘s website where you can explore the full collection of these adorable animals, the designers have posted many lovely photos of these little guys on their facebook page ! if you’re looking for a moment to get away from the hustle-bustle daily life… definitely check it out.

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