marble backsplash… again

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interior / scandinavian design

fantastic frank_marble back splash_kitchen

[all images courtesy of fantastic]

i know you all can’t get enough of marble backsplash, just like me. (…no?)  after seeing many subway tiles for the commercial kitchens, a simple marble backsplash offers something low key and elegant. well, i will still keep both subway tiles and marble backsplash as future kitchen improvement options, but at this point i am a bit leaning toward marble backsplash…

also this is not really related to the marble subject today, but i love the white wood floor in kitchen…!! whenever i bring up the idea i always get reaction from people ” why you want to cover the wood in paint??” hmmm. why? if they’re dinesen flooring of course i won’t paint them white… other than that i don’t see why not… and here is a good example from always-creative anna/door sixteen.

anyway, back to the interior of this apartment for sale in stockholm. you can check out rest of the rooms via the fantastic frank.

fantastic frank_marble back_kitchen lamp

fantastic frank_marble back splash_kitchen_view

[all images courtesy of fantastic]

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