POV candle holder by note design studio

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design / scandinavian design

POV_Location_03_Download 300dpi JPG (RGB)_110224

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a collaboration between two of my favorite design force – danish design company menu and stockholm-based design studio note , the result is a minimal and geometric smart candle holder called POV (point of view). as the name POV indicated, the focal object can be altered depends on your point of view. this candle holder reads like a axon cube drawing from front view, yet the lines of three edges actually are lifted and terminated with a tea light candle holder.  this subtle detail gives opportunity to the frame and canle light, cast shadows back to the wall.

i am adding this one onto the candle holder wish list… right next to the kubus candleholder by mogens lassen.

4766539_POV Candleholder Wall_Black_NOTE_01_Download 300dpi JPG (RGB)_110227

POV_Location_06_Download 300dpi JPG (RGB)_110225

POV_Location_02_Download 300dpi JPG (RGB)_110228

[all images by menu]


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