gray for the grown-ups

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interior / scandinavian design

stockholm_gray_white couch

[all images courtesy of hitta hem | interior: pella hedeby | photography : kristofer johnsson]

i am totally sold for the sober gray interior style from a model apartment for a condominium project in stockholm, sweden. the crisp autumn air is no doubt having me wonder into the cozy and slightly darker shade of interior style…

+ the wood tic tac toe with black board…! such a proof of possible coexistence of nerdy and stylish obsession.

stockholm_livingroom__wood tictactoe

+ the darker gray wall looks so calming and it brings a hint of richness and depth to the overall-white interior.




+ day bed, ombre pillow, ladder magazine rack… all you need is a good book to read. speaking of ombre, check out bambula’s DIY ombre curtain… it is quite impressive.

stockholm_ladder magazine rack_bedroom

stockholm _gray_office

+ and the pink room…! though i won’t try it for our house, i love the shade of pink. it will go so perfectly with gold accessories.


[all images courtesy of hitta hem | interior: pella hedeby | photography : kristofer johnsson]

check out the rest of apartment and building from developer’s website.

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