water, sand, cement and granular basalt

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the-house-cast-in-liquid-stone-spasm-design-architects_plank spacer

[all images courtesy of spasm design| all photography © Sebastian Zachariah | via archdaily]

how cool are these spacers? i would love to have one, pleeease. a second home in maharashtra, india, is located on a rocky basalt outcrop which inspired the architects to extend the local materiality. these planks are mix of water, sand, cement and the granular basalt.

as a fan of exposed concrete wall, i found the house somehow seems a bit too solid, and cold. there is definitely not #cozy to this project. but i LOVE the texture and the paving layout… the details are simply gorgeous.

you can check out the rest of home here. couple of my favorite moments:

+ paving +

the-house-cast-in-liquid-stone-spasm-design-architects_stone planks

+ black basalt & the stair +


+ the ultimate day bed +


+ gate +

the-house-cast-in-liquid-stone-spasm-design-architects_door gate

[all images courtesy of spasm design| all photography © Sebastian Zachariah | via archdaily]

have a nice (long, for these in US) weekend!

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