exiting the summer

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interior / scandinavian design

alvhemmakleri.se_white_swedish home_livingroom[all images courtesy of alvhem makleri.se ]

hope you are enjoying a great summer time! although it is still a month away from the autumn equinox (september 22nd this year, by the way), the subtle transition of sky getting darker earlier makes me miss summer already. yet as much as i love summer season, i do also have equal love to winter, from some aspects. getting cozy around the wood burning fireplace is definitely one of it (right next to “no sweat and no 500% humidity ).

i am not 100% all over the style in this apartment, but that fire place – that fire place! – automatically adds 10 more points on the evaluation chart.

alvhemmakleri.se_white_swedish home_livingroom_2

alvhemmakleri.se_white_swedish home._fire place_2

alvhemmakleri.se_white_swedish home._bedroom

alvhemmakleri.se_white_swedish home_fire place

alvhemmakleri.se_white_swedish home._hallway[all images courtesy of alvhem makleri.se ]

you can check out the rest of the rooms here.


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