the mustard yellow

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interior / scandinavian design

mustard yellow_dining room_göteborg_sweden[all images courtesy of ]

the mustard yellow plays so well with little bit of gold/brass and the old apartment charm! i am not particularly a big fan of the yellow wood color… yet with matching wood furniture, the atmosphere here somehow reminds me these cute little apartments in japan.

a two bedroom apartment in göteborg, sweden. you can check out the rest of the apartment here.

mustard yellow_kitchen_göteborg_sweden


for the pillow/cushion fans:

+ the elephant pillow/textile  by estrid ericson, available on .( US shipping please! )

+ firs pillowgran grey” by fine little day

+ dot cushion by HAY

mustard yellow_livingroom_göteborg_sweden

mustard yellow_lantique ceiling light_göteborg_sweden

mustard yellow_bed room_göteborg_sweden[all images courtesy of ]

ahh, and these deep window sills.

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