gray white and black are… still the best

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interior / scandinavian design

Green plants_stylizimo

[all images courtesy of by nina holst ]

i’ve been following stylizimo since 2010 when i was looking for holiday decoration inspiration. ( and if you are curious- no, i gave up the decoration part but we did manage to buy a little christmas tree barely one week before the christmas)  it was kind of a stroke to me that actually it is possible to have a house full of white, gray and black… totally under control.

every since i stopped by her blog and website for interior styling inspiration and also, motivation. here are just couple of snapshots in her home.

+ living room

Mixing pattern + living room_stylizimo+ bedroom

Bedroom tips_stylizimo+ home office (and check out her DIY wall calendar … totally amazing)

Home office_stylizimo

+ livingroom in basement… !

Grey living room_basement_stylizimo[all images courtesy of by nina holst ]

that’s right… the basement living room. i haven’t seen hundreds of basement improvement but this one gotta be the winner!

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