goodie bag from japan (2)


i actually received this goodie bag for my birthday and as soon i saw the packaging i know i need to do another “goodie bag from japan” post — they deserves a shout-out! well, weeks passed by, i finally finished the post which has been sitting in the draft box for three months now. anyway, the post is done, that’s all that matters.

the brown bag and the tin box also the circle container (made from japanese red pine) in the above image are all from nakagawa masashichi shoten(中川政七商店), a almost 300(!) years old manufacturer/retailer from nara (japan) .

+ ふやき煎餅 from nakagawa masashichi shoten: apparently the store in tokyo was mentioned in BRUTUS 06.2013 issue TOKYO


nakagawa-masashichi-shoten_brownpaper-packaging+ tea from kisara

with a vision to “revitalize the japanese craftsmanship”, the nakagawa masashichi shoten have been developed four specialties: yu-nakagawa (遊中川)- trditional linen and textile for modern life; kisara (粋更) – lifestyle store for everyday objects ; nakagawa masashichi shoten (中川政七商店)- tools for living; and nakagawa masashichi sabo (中川政七茶房) – the cafe offers traditional japanese food/seasonal cuisine.

the wood container is really cool.

nakagawa-masashichi-shoten_kisara-packaging+ imabari towel: they are simply the best.

imabari-towel+ organic roasted sesame furikake, plum flavor broad beans (梅そら豆)from MUJI, little recipe card and again the tea from kisara…


以上です。(that’s all)

+ click here to see whats inside the goodie bag from 2012!

goodie bag from japan (2)

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