let’s party: party wall by CODA at PS1

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since SHOP debuted the winning scheme for the PS1 warm-up party back in 2000, outdoor summer party has moved on to another level. it is beyond just a stage and a lot where DJ plays music and people dance. it is a place where you can dance, lounge, socialize not only during saturday nights but anytime during the day, too. ( of course, without the music part in the day time)

designed by CODA Caroline O’Donnell, Ithaca (NY)-based design and research studio, the winning entry this year is called party wall, ” a pavilion and flexible experimental space that uses its large-scale, linear form to provide shade for the Warm Up crowds, in addition to other functions. ”

we actually were pretty impressed by the installation… it looks just like the rendering… and even better!

+ Comet, an Ithaca-based manufacturer of eco-friendly skateboards, donated these cut-out plywood boards.


+ panels can be detached from the structure and used as benches and communal tables.

partywall_MOMAPS1_2+ some quiet poetic shadow were casted through the cut-outs…

partywall_MOMAPS1_4+ these blue balloons are polyester-base fabric that will be lit at night as the luminous effect.

partywall_MOMAPS1_3+ and the misting!! perfect for a hot sunday afternoon.

partywall_MOMAPS1_5+ though this is nothing to do with the subject of party wall… the cafe at PS1 probably has the best ice coffee and croissant in town!! so good.



for more warm-up party information, check out MOMA PS1’s website here. the installation will be on view through september 7th 2013. that’s right, one more week extended!

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