gray walls for bedroom

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interior / scandinavian design

stadshem_bedroom windows[all images courtesy of ]

we actually have very similar color of paint in our bedroom. at first i wasn’t really a fan of having gray walls in the bedroom, since i tend to have white walls for the entire house, if possible. yet as much as i do like the white-wash idea, the gray walls turn out to be just perfect. the warm gray is very calming (that is my #1 excuse why i can’t leave the bed earlier in the morning), and it makes good contrast to the white trim and wood floor.

after seeing these pictures the next thing we should try is adding some area light in our bedroom – either wall mounted or ceiling pendant fixture. i really like the setting here with combination of gold and black and gray… minimal but add the coziness.

stadshem_gray paints for bedroom

stadshem_window display

stadshem_swedish bedroom_to_living room+ ikea PS karl-johan by Christian Halleröd... first released in 2009, it is very rare to find now. i have to admit this is probably so far my only favorite design from ikea. love the nature-inspired (mushroom?) shape and simple wood material. a little stool or a low side table. here is the original design info PDF.

stadshem_living room_big windows

stadshem_swedish white_kitchen_green pendant light

+ classic bumling pendant light by atelje lyktan ( same manufacture for these black pendant lights in the bedroom)

+ red and green together sounds a bit too much, but the la mela (apple) poster by enzo mari makes cute companion to the green pendant light. ( and yes, i am still eyeing the pear&apple poster)

stadshem_swedish white_kitchen_enzo mari apple poster

stadshem_kitchen nook[all images courtesy of ]

need more interior inspiration for thursday, aka longest day before friday? check out the rest of the apartment and more close-up shots here.

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  1. Russell says

    I love the bedroom pictures of this post. The grey tones add warmth and comfort in from a unusual source.

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