marble countertop (again)

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interior / scandinavian design

bosthlm.se_white interior_marble top_1[all images courtesy of]

spotted via, this apartment with simple and crisp interior has the perfect size as a mini getaway pad. * i’ve been imaging this minimal(manageable) space where i can bring my laptop there and work or read without any interruption. of course, there will be no tv in this mini pad. and i know, i sound more like making a fancy,unlikely day-dream…

there is a little compromised layout in this apartment. you enter the room with bathroom on right hand side and the first(second) thing you see is the kitchen – with cooking oven and sink in two sides. it is not the most practical circulation, but i can still move in here, ANYTIME.

and yes, i was pretty trapped as soon i saw this marble counter top detail.

bosthlm.se_white interior_marble top_concrete

bosthlm.se_white interior_marble top_livingroom

bosthlm.se_white interior_marble top

bosthlm.se_white interior_marble top_concrete_shelf

bosthlm.se_white interior_marble top_book shelf[all images courtesy of ]

you can check out the rest of the room via here are couple side notes:

+ interested in DIY concrete coffee table? read my old post here

elephant pillow case by estrid ericson

+ i don’t know exactly what is the manufacture for these pendant lights… but similar one designed by studio PGRB


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