the light and space

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james-turrell_Aten-Reign_guggenheim-museum the site specific exhibition by james turrell at guggenheim museum is absolutely something you don’t want to miss this summer!

the exhibition includes the Aten Reign at the core of the rotunda, and some of his early works include my favorite “Afrum” – the way light designed create a perception of floating, glowing cube in the corner, and the at least an hour wait-line for “iltar (1976)”, a dark room with a gray rectangle on the wall that intentionally to create the ganzfeld effect (which, i failed to experience that effect… ).

obviously these two visitors know how to dress for a party. they were glowing in the dark!



james-turrell_Aten-Reign_guggenheim-museum_orangeunlike the wait for the rain room at MoMA, the iltar show on the upper level is totally wait-worthy !! just remember two things during your visit : one, NO flashlight for the aten reign, unless you want to look like one of these obnoxious tourists; two, NO photography for most of james turrell’s works in the rest gallery rooms – make sure you read the sign on wall before you snap around. i was kind of annoyed by these people who suddenly shown up in front of you and started to take photos of whatever. and that’s it, go ahead and enjoy the amazing journey!

couple side notes:

+ about the exhibition: June 21–September 25, 2013

+ another james turrell’s show at LACMA

+ how james turrell knocked the art world off its feet via

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