sunday geometry love

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honey-comb-marble-tileyou should have noticed that from runway to walkway (literally,concrete pavers), geometry patterns and shapes are totally taking over the world for few years now. this is definitely not a new subject, but since i am constantly drawn by design that inspired by geometric form, i feel obligated not to share theses goodies.

+ hexagonal marble tile

it is still a never-end discussion in our house whether we should use black penny ceramic tile (like this one by door sixteen) or hex(honeycomb) marble tile for our future (imaginary) bathroom. i love both of them. therefore,  before we have that real project with more specific context, this discussion will stay involving.

honey-comb-marble-tile_penny-tiledisclaimer: the stainless steel penny tile is just TOO MUCH. i took this photo for the fun sake but definitely not for inspiration.

+ hex weight

seattle-based Iacoli & McAllister is one of my go-tos when i am craving for some geometric shape inspired design from furniture, lighting, jewelry to simple everyday objects.


brassHexWeight2+ small brass spica


Spica_Small_Brass_3[images courtesy of Iacoli&Mcallister ]

+ balancing blocks

new york-based fort standard has the best balancing blocks in white. i am not sure why the faceted object can be this addicted.

fortstandard_balancing _blocks[image courtesy of fort standard]

+ cell tea light holder

things involved brass and tom dixon just can’t go wrong.

Cell Tea Light Holder Brass_tomedixon_1

Cell Tea Light Holder Brass_tomedixon


[image courtesy of tom dixon]

+ themis mobile by Clara Von Zweigbergk

i am still on the fence whether it is a buy or not due to the mixed reviews i’ve read on internet. with that little bit steep price tag no wonder many creative bloggers are making their own geometric mobile/ornaments ( similar one like this or this)… regardless, this is a good alternative if you’re looking for a stylish mobile.

Themis_Mobile_moma designs tore[image courtesy moma store]

+ canopy by amorfo

so simple and elegant. love the subtle change of shades created by the fold…



05_amorfo_canopy[images courtesy of]

that’s it for now. there are still tons of geometric-related design in my inspiration library… be back for more!


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