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found my baby FM10 behind the unused text books while doing some house clean-up. you might wonder what is FM10? well i actually thought this is just a very basic, entry level manual camera that nikon manufactured. but sadly, according to wikipedia, this model was created for developing countries in south and east asia as a more affordable alternative compare to other professional manual cameras.

i still remember it was the night before my first field trip for the planting design class and my mom and i were rushing to camera shop to find that perfect camera. well, i could just use the olympus compact camera we already have at home, but somehow i was convinced a manual camera is needed. it is cooler.

nikon-FM10_2_michitectureit was almost 10 o’clock and i still can’t decide between canon and nikon. the camera shop owner told me though the image quality of FM10 is not as good as the other one (forgot which model he was comparing to), the price is definitely more affordable and the quality of images is pretty reasonable for entry level users.

remember, here we’re talking about image quality back in 1996.

nikon-FM10_3_michitectureregardless the default lower technology, i still had good time with my baby FM10. there were some moments i did wish i had a digital camera just for the convenience (i really can’t focus much when there were mosquitos and bugs around me), but i made it though the four years of school.

anyway, i hope you didn’t expect to read a camera review :) this is just a post to thank my baby FM10 for all the good time we spent… and hopefully someday soon i will take it outside again!

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