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interior / scandinavian design

studio oink wiesbaden_interior_daybed[all images courtesy of studio oink]

spotted this lovely apartment in wiesbaden via this is paper, i know we have to share it again on michitecture. i actually spent couple minutes staring at the image above. whether it is rain or shine outside, this corner sure is my favorite spot.

enjoy the moments with calming atmosphere while walking from room to room.

+ the owners express they like the clear and friendly scandinavian design language. oink translated that language into a very effective and minimal style.

+ yes you can have them!! buy these oink-designed party animals via etsy. they are just adorable.

studio oink wiesbaden_interior_4

studio oink wiesbaden_interior_book shelf

+ wooden house by oink… and yes they’re available via online shop here

studio oink wiesbaden_interior_desk lamp+ exposed orignal wood floorboards in the hallway

studio oink wiesbaden_interior_hallway

studio oink wiesbaden_interior_kitchen sink+ if there ever be a doubt of white vs dark wood floor in kitchen… this image will reaffirm that white floor it is.

studio oink wiesbaden_interior_kitchen with white floor
[all images courtesy of
studio oink]

more beautiful interior images on studio oink’s website- check it out here!

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