gray and gloomy

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interior / scandinavian design

TORSGATAN 78 3 TR_wall posters[all images courtesy fantastic ]

the weather has been gray, gloomy and stormy in the past few days… well, it is not as romantic as it sounds – actually it is pretty lousy and miserable. the humidity is at least 99% in the air, which is totally not cool.

this series of images by fantastic frank really makes me want to take some time off and stay home. do nothing but enjoy some quiet, calming moments.

TORSGATAN 78 3 TR_kitchen

+ this is a beautiful kitchen. at first i thought it is kind of odd to have kitchen right next to bedroom… but wait a minute – isn’t it like what i had before in my previous apartment?  and i didn’t even have a wall/window between. when i open my eyes in the morning- kitchen is the first thing i see… haha.  somehow i managed to live with that interesting layout for many years.

TORSGATAN 78 3 TR_bedroom

TORSGATAN 78 3 TR_bedroom_gray

TORSGATAN 78 3 TR_living room_2

TORSGATAN 78 3 TR_living room_3

TORSGATAN 78 3 TR_living room[all images courtesy fantastic ]

probably i should change the post title to “i can move in here”, as everything is so perfect and i am totally fine to move in to a place where bedroom is next to the kitchen.and look, hey already have a big M letter there to welcome me home :)

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