a sunday afternoon at brooklyn bridge park

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BROOKLYN-BRIDGE-PARK_1it was an early april weekend when we visited brooklyn bridge park. the weather was a bit chilly but the sun was bright. the park was filled of people with bikes, kids, dogs, cameras, picnic towels, or food.

we didn’t have time to stop by the playground on pier 6 but i am sure we will visit it sometime soon this summer. i’ve heard many good reviews about the playground – it is definitely not your typical neighborhood playground.

+ squibb bridge: the bridge used black locust timber with bronze and galvanized steel connections that keeps same material palette as rest of the park. the little bounce of the bridge is to keep the bridge flexible and lightweight and it actually makes you a playful arrival experience. and yes… the view to manhattan is stunning.

BROOKLYN-BRIDGE-PARK_2+ jane’s carousel: built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, the carousel was purchased in 1984 and restored to its original condition. the pavilion is designed by Jean Nouvel. check out the website (yes, the carousel has its own website! ) for operation hours.


BROOKLYN-BRIDGE-PARK_4+ Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn: a perfect location to have a great lawn (big open lawn) when there is brooklyn bridge as the backdrop !

BROOKLYN-BRIDGE-PARK_5+ tabacco warehouse: an beautiful historical building kept for public/private events.

BROOKLYN-BRIDGE-PARK_6+ look to the bridge… the bridge that godzilla eventually made his way on.

BROOKLYN-BRIDGE-PARK_8it is a lovely park and we’re sure we will be back!

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