officially, it’s summer

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BYEBYE-SPRING_michitectureall of sudden, spring is gone and here it comes the typical philly summer. regardless the memorial weekend = season of shore, 90 degrees outside is qualified as summer!

the photos were taken in early May and i already miss that mild and soft season. disclaimer- i didn’t intentionally wear pink to match the cherry blossom… it was simply a nice coincidence.

despicable-minion_michitectureon our way to watch lacrosse games we spotted a minion blimp outside the franklin field stadium. they should have more minions around him – the one eye, two eyes, tall and short ones… that will be cute.

HELLO-SUMMER_michitectureand yes, summer season means converse season! the chuck taylor shoreline is something i can’t live without… they are so comfortable that makes me want to wear it everyday, or whenever the days without meetings. ( that means, weekends only )

have a nice saturday afternoon!

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