i can move in here

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interior / scandinavian design

alvhemmakleri.se_look to bedroom[all images courtesy of alvhem makleri.se]

well, obviously we can tell this apartment for sale is very well staged (propped). BUT, i am still 100% loving this place. it is actually possible to be inhabited by real family after adding some more personal belongings and furnitures.

i am totally oaky as it is if i need to move in, right now.

alvhemmakleri.se_magazine display+ magazine ledge: DIY version via stylizimo and all is pretty… this is something i really need to have in our house.

alvhemmakleri.se_elephant pillow



alvhemmakleri.se_utility pipie rack_kitchen+ the utility pipe as clothing rack has been a trend for a while ( and i am sure the DIY coat rack by weekday carnival was the one made you think “i should do one myself, too!” )… i am still on the fence whether i should have one of these in our house, or not.

+ this enzo mari’s La Mela e La Pera (the apple and the pear) poster is so simple and uber awesome. i’ve been eyeing for years yet haven’t have a proper excuse to make the purchase ($375 via nova 68)…

alvhem makleri.se_kitchen_FL:Y hanging lamp_kartell[all images courtesy of alvhem makleri.se]

you can peak the rest of apartment here.

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