ferns, sedum and cappuccino

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terrain_2013_2_dusk-viewstopped by terrain to garb a cup of cappuchcino on our way to longwood gardens  ( stay tuned for our longwood gardens post! ). while walking by the nursery we noticed there are couple plants that could be good addition to our backyard. we decided to come back later on our way home.

+ painted color folding tables and chairs are great for outdoor patio… but i prefer the original fermob bistro chair (2 for $198, you can buy them here), or arc en cidl folding chair by EMU design.

terrain_2013_2_outdoor-chairs+ carts vermont : you can buy these lovely made in vermont garden carts hereterrain_2013_2_carts-vermont+ biergarten folding wood table and bench set: okay, the one shown here designed by terrain is cute ($980), but you can also save that $400 and buy it from octoberfest haus ($549) then paint your own stripes.

terrain_2013_1+ the cappuccino from their cafe is so good, we have to pick up another cup before we headed home…terrain_2013_2_table-setting+ we brought home ( clockwise ) : osmunda cinnamomea (cinnamon fern), polystichum polyblepharum (tassel fern), sedum rupestre ‘lemon ball’ (lemon ball stonecrop), sempervivum arachnoideum (cobweb houseleek), sedum bithynicum (turkish sedum), sedum album var micranthum (stonecrop), and sempervivum ‘lilac time’ – the one looks like a big flower.

the weather was kind of gloomy toward the end of day, but we’re really excited to have these ferns and sedum as our new addition!

terrain_2013_2_cappuccino-and-greens+ book spotted: tiny world terrariums


terrain_2013_2_terrariumthough we visited longwood gardens and terrain back to back in one afternoon, it was quite relaxing  kind of field trip. the natural aromatherapy, or forest bathing (森林浴), is the best cure for the hustle-bustle city life, and now i am ready for another busy week!

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