moments in wednesday

fantastic frank_Kungsholmen_interior[all images courtesy of fantastic frank]

you don’t really need a mansion or the high-tech kind. sometimes couple nice moments in your house is enough to make it the best place in the world.

fantastic frank_Kungsholmen_interior_entrance

fantastic frank_Kungsholmen_interior_bedroom

fantastic frank_Kungsholmen_interior_office

fantastic frank_Kungsholmen_interior_kitchen[all images courtesy of fantastic frank]

i am trying not to post projects from fantastic frank too often or you might think i don’t really do my homework but use their projects as default. well, what can i say? every time i stop by their webpage and there is another fantastic inspiration to adore.

moments in wednesday

3 thoughts on “moments in wednesday

      1. museconfuse says:

        Very. Wish I could have white floors too but we are renting at the moment so not possible!

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