chic and laid-back for the urban boheme

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fashion / interior

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_1[all images courtesy of refinery ]

two factors are pretty self-explained before we see more images of this place. first of all, this pad is located in a remodeled 19th century manufacturing building featuring gorgeous lofty space in dumbo brooklyn. two, it belongs to kate ciepluch, former fashion director of shopbop and now the designer behind LAVEER, a style-defining collection that focus on blazers and jackets for the urban boheme.

i adore how effortless this interior is pulled together, full of personality (chic and laid-back) and good mix of new and old finds. just like her design inspiration for LEVEER : the muse is in the details.

you definitely should read the full interview here – very refreshing answers that you rarely hear from a fashion designer! (hint: no stereo type snobbery mean girl)

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_2

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_3

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_4

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_5

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_6

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_7

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_8[all images courtesy of refinery ]

and my faaaaavorite piece from LAVEER so far, (if not all of them) is this one, super adorable one arm leather band tweed blazer …! love this relatable look, from head(hair) to toe(shoes). and oh, did i mention LAVEER’s collection are all made in USA (new york)? :)

shopbop_laveer[image courtesy of shopbop]

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