✚ white plus on black ✚

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design / home goods

fantastic frank_crux blanket[image via fantastic frank]

i already said this many times before on michitecture but i can always say it again : i am a big fan of pia wallen’s crux design, the all time classic. recently i found there is a series of ” white plus on black” design from brooklyn-based pencil me in which will make a nice accompany with pia’s blanket. and yes, i use image from fantastic frank again within three days …! they seem always have perfect inspiration for me to do the demonstration.

so these are the two design i am particularly interested in from pencil me in:

+ stretched canvas in 13″x13″ or 18″x18″

White Cross on Black_canvas

White Cross on Black_canvas _3

White Cross on Black_canvas_2

+ pillow with insert

White Cross on Black_pillow

[ images via society6 | by pencil me in]

and if i don’t feel there is enough plus in my house… i will take this birch tray by pia wallen, too.

CrossTrayBlack_pia wallen

[image via pia wallen]

happy plus!

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