mjolk volume 1

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book + magazine / design / scandinavian design


[all images courtesy mjolk]

my latest obsession is the toronto-based gallery and lifestyle store mjolk, where scandinavian design meets japanese crafts. the store actually has been around for about 3 years by now… somehow i never came across the name. but anyway, never be too late.

i am so excited to see a place where have most of the design items that i’ve been eyeing on. and yes, if the name John Baker and Juli Daoust sounds familiar to you… the owners are also the bloggers behind kitka.

besides the home accessories they’re carrying, i really really want this book published by mjolk.




W700-H700-49241_mjolk_book[all images courtesy mjolk]

inside this volume:

Cafe Valand tour – Stockholm
Iris Hantverk workshop tour and interview with Lovisa Wattman
Kaffi Mokka tour – Reykjavik
Takashi Kougei workshop tour
Andrea Maack interview
Vik Pronsdottir interview
Iba Takahito home tour
Takano Coffee – Niseko Japan
Tanno Studio workshop tour
Pia Wallen workspace tour and interview

… how thrilled it would be to have a pia wallen workplace tour!! if it is not obvious enough, i am a big fan of pia wallen’s cross design: cross blanket, cross tray, and felt cross coaster ( hint: ✚ )

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