in brooklyn style

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book + magazine / interior / vintage modern


i got this nice deluxe (as indicated on the magazine cover) issue at kinokuniya when we visited BKN/ NYC last december (same weekend that we stayed in wythe hotel).  the first 3/4 of the magazine are more focus on places in japan, and the rest of 1/4 are dedicated to “in brooklyn style”.

again, i was compromised to use handy iphone instead of real camera… here you go with some fuzzy and semi-blurry quality of images. my bad.

anyway, this house can’t be more brooklyn! the lofty industrial space, exposed utility pipes and brick wall, big big kitchen island with open shelves, vintage file cabinets plus concrete floor… what else i am missing here?



the second family here is the home to founding partner of 2×4, georgianna stout and lighting/industrial designer david weeks. if you have good memory 2×4 was recently mentioned in this post, a exhibition at MoMA called ” 9+1 ways of being political“.

back to their beautiful house in brooklyn, i just love the modern, warm atmosphere in this place! many light fixtures shown here are by david weeks studio.


brutus_magazine_deluxe_in-brooklyn-style-4+ glowing clog by marre moerel

another chic home by jewelry designer emily amey, who works and lives in williamsburg, brooklyn. she draws inspiration from ordinary natural objects, which is reflecting in her jewelry collection and home.

love the mix of old trunk case, patterned fabrics, and painted white brick wall. very laid-back chic.




” how have you made your home your own?” another stunning family house with very lofty space and incredible old house details. this image sums up the subject perfectly !


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