cast glass shelter

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recently john participated a idea competition host by the contest of “TRANSPARENT SHELTER” is aimed to spotlight the medium of glass and the interplay between design and craftsmanship. solutions should be innovative and the construction should consist almost entirely of glass. also the proposal must be based on a specific site in holbæk, denmark.

since the competition is closed now and three winning ideas will be selected at the end of february, i invited john to share his proposal with michitecture, including a brief interview…!










M: i really like the simple and artistic approach! have you done this type of model making before?

J: thank you. yes i did this type of model making before, it was for my thesis project.

M: tell us more about why you chose to make real model? could your concept be accomplished with digital visualization… the conventional way?

J: i wanted to show the actual sculpting and casting process that would be needed as well as the properties of the actual material. the bubbles and imperfections of the cast glass add character and light reflects off them. you won’t get that in a computer model.

M: what inspired you in this proposal? the interior of shelter has a very organic form.

J: it has an organic interior but i started with a cube. i wanted it to have an eroded look.

M: pink is your favorite color? (laugh)

J: hot pink is one of my favs yes.

M: thanks for sharing and good luck to your submission!

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