climate adapted neighborhood by Tredje Natur‏

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architecture / landscape architecture / scandinavian design

SKK_Sankt Kjelds square_Birds Eye

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the subject of climate change is big and the discussion regarding how to use architecture as a way to respond to the climate change can be discussed endlessly in a stand along blog subject. yet here is one example, denmark’s first climate adapted neighborhood proposed by copenhagen-based architectural practice Tredje Natur (Third Nature) that gives us a fresh and creative take on how the city can be arranged so rainwater on streets can be managed in a more natural and effective way.

a very comprehensive press packet can be downloaded on Tredje Natur’s webpage, and here are couple highlights of the project:

 back in December 2011, Tredje Natur won the task through EUROPAN11 by developing a visionary plan for how the district’s streets and public spaces can be fertile, and where the rain and natural phenomena creates a single pulse of urban space. in a few years the district showcase new solutions in practice and the ambition is to create a model area both nationally and internationally to inspire broad and strengthen Denmark’s position in climate change adaptation and urban design. ”

SKK_Sankt Kjelds plads_diagram1



SKK_Sankt Kjelds plads_plan

SKK_Sankt Kjelds plads_snit

SKK_Sankt Kjelds square_Eye Level

SKK_Taasinge square_visualisation

” … at Skt. Kjelds and Tåsinge place we can optimize the terrain so that urban space surface area will be more than doubled. it provides space to include major natural value, better microclimate and therefore also more life and better water management. the large spaces are both distinctive and natural hubs in the district, which also becomes possible to integrate new cafes and playgrounds, says Flemming Rafn Thomsen, partner of tredje natur. ”

SKK_TÜsinge plads_plan

SKK_TÜsinge plads_snit


SKK_Courtyard_visualisation[all images courtesy of ]

project information:

Responsible Partners: Flemming Rafn Thomsen and Ole Schroeder
Design Team: Monica Galiana, Anna Sissela Michalsdottir, Joan Melgaard Rasmussen, Lotte Randeris Kristensen, Louise Fiil Hansen and Hans H. Bærholm
Location: St.. Kjeld Quarter Outer East of Copenhagen
Client: City of Copenhagen at the Center for Park and Nature Area Renewal St. Kjeld Quarter, Copenhagen Farm Gardens, Copenhagen Energy and Environment Section Copenhagen.
Size: 105 Ha
Project Period: 2011-2016

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