fantastic sunday

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interior / lifestyle / scandinavian design

POLHEMSGATAN 18 2 TR_fantastic frank_4_livingroom[all images courtesy fantastic frank]

hello hello! finally i am able to get back to the blogsphere after two weeks of blogging-free! i actually didn’t go anywhere (e.g. paris getaway) but have been really busy at work and outside work… plus a bad cold… all the assorted agenda made it harder to pick between blog and rest when i had some spared time… and i chose the later.

anywayyyyy – the bad cold is gone (i think) and i am excited to be back to michitecture world. i can’t wait to share these goodies that have been sitting in the draft box!

here is a apartment for sale outside stockholm, sweden. love the calming atmosphere in this place.

POLHEMSGATAN 18 2 TR_fantastic frank_1_kitchen

POLHEMSGATAN 18 2 TR_fantastic frank_3_hallway

POLHEMSGATAN 18 2 TR_fantastic frank_2_bedroom[all images courtesy fantastic frank]

click here to check out some other details in this lovely apartment. happy sunday and stay tuned for more posts to come!

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