industrial chic…and tasty

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food / interior / lifestyle / vintage modern


[ all images courtesy of omer arbel office ]

when i saw this project via azure, i know immediately i have to share it again here! love the subtle industrial style mix with vintage-inspired accessories… think of reclaimed wood and concrete floor with white geometric blocks, jars, amber bottles (here you go). and did i mention this is a place for delicious tacos? at first when i saw the name ‘tacofino’ i know i’ve seen it before… yes, eat street, the show talks about food trucks in/around US and always make you feel hungry and forget you just ate. ( here is the tacofino clip from eat street)

as founder of vancouver-based design practice OAO (omer arbel office), omer arbel is also the creative director of lighting and design company bocci.



project description from omer arbel office:

TACOFINO – Project 54.2

54.2 is an interior for a new East Vancouver restaurant ancillary to a commissary serving two street food trucks. The room was conceived of as a series of stratified horizontal layers: a haphazard bent copper tube suspension system; lit, blown glass pendants designed to have cavities in which succulents and cacti are planted; Reclaimed wood slabs serving as tables, benches and a bar top; a forrest of steel tubes making up the table and bench legs; a concrete floor.The visitor pierces through these layers as they make their path through the room.

+ all furniture is custom made and also designed by Omer

+ walls are coated in burlap and painted white.

+ wood for tables, benches and stools is reclaimed; white powder coated steel legs.



these wood blocks inspired me to DIY my own! they are so lovely.

and no, nobody drink beer from beer mugs anymore. jars please! ( these retro-cool growlers are from the local tofino brewing co. )


Tacofino-LR-V2+ custom made lights by bocci : by introducing some top-down dimensional irregularity, these light fixtures add dynamic to the homey white and wood space. copper tubes around the fixtures also turn the ceiling into a playful tree rootscape… love these fixtures!


[ all images courtesy of omer arbel office ]

a project that combines casual fare ( food is always the best way to bring local community together ) with easy-stylish interior space… i’ve already added this project to my dream project list.

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